IMPORTANT - READ CAREFULLYGiogioshop cannot under any circumstances guarantee an -effective- delivery date, which could be delayed with respect to the -indicative- depending on the case.

What happens if there was an error in the order?

If you detect an error in the order, you must contact us within a maximum time of 24 hours, via our e-mail After this period, complaints will not be accepted.

We will take care of the removal of the wrong product and you will receive the requested goods at no additional cost. To accept a return, both the product and the packaging must be in their original condition and the unopened product containers (security seals, boxes, etc.), otherwise the products will be invoiced. See the section EXCEPTIONS TO THE RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL.


What happens if I don't receive the goods in perfect condition?

In case of non-receipt of the shipment in good condition, such as the breakage of one or more items, we ask you to send us a photo of the defect within a maximum period of 24 hours from the receipt of the order. After this period, complaints will not be accepted and in any case the delivery from the courier WITH RESERVE must be accepted (to have it noted on the company bill is essential) if the external wrapping is damaged.


Who should pay the return costs?

If you are the one who requests the return / exchange of the products, you must pay the shipping costs for the return and, if applicable, the new shipment of the goods.

We will bear the shipping costs only in case of an error in the order on our part.


Pursuant to Article 103 of Law 3/2014, of March 27, which amends the consolidated text of the general law for the defense of consumers and users, the right of withdrawal may not apply to the following products:

- Personalized products: returns of personalized products in accordance with the specifications commissioned by the consumer are not allowed. The customized products will be duly indicated on the website and to proceed with their completion, the customer must first give his consent.

- The supply of goods that can deteriorate or expire rapidly such as food.

- The supply of sealed products which are not suitable for return for reasons of health protection or hygiene and which have been sealed after delivery. This includes:

* products with HYGIENIC-HEALTH risk such as menstrual cups or other products that may be sensitive to this risk.

* open, used or unsealed products with hygienic-sanitary risk such as cosmetics, make-up, personal and intimate hygiene products (tampons, pads, cotton discs, etc.), sponges (vegetable or loofah), food products or natural supplements.

- other legally contemplated exceptions are not amenable to this right.

After the deadline established for the right of withdrawal, without Giogioshop receiving any type of notification for the partial or total return of the order, it will be understood that the customer accepts the order in full or, if applicable, on those products on which you have not exercised your right of withdrawal, as no subsequent claims can be made in this regard, with the exception of those derived from the guarantee corresponding to the products.

If you disagree, please contact us to try to resolve the issue as best we can.